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5 Mobile Apps That Will Help You Save Time in 2016




28 December 2015

As the days of 2015 quickly disappear, you are probably trying to find new ways to save time in 2016 with ease and without sacrificing work quality. Mobile apps continue to revolutionize the way modern workers, managers and CEOs approach their projects, calendars, contacts and daily tasks, so why not find ways to incorporate these clever nuggets into your workplace?

5 Mobile Apps That Will Help You and Your Staff Save Time in 2016

Prepare to keep and foster your resolution to save time in 2016 by checking out some of the 5 mobile apps that look like they can help you get the job — any job — done on time.

1. DropBox for iOS and Android to Manage Your Email Inbox. It is so easy for email to billow out of control, but Forbes recommends trying DropBox as a solid solution. Featuring a user-friendly interface, shrink your active inbox to zero with a series of simple swipes. As a bonus, you can make bulky new arrivals temporarily disappear from your inbox until your designated time to work on your email with the snooze option.

2. Track My Life for iOS and Android Helps You Avoid Lost Time. Monitor everything from lunch breaks, email tasks, travel and restroom breaks to see how you spend your day.

3. Wave for iOS and Android Supports Accounting Functions. As an alternative to Quickbooks, Wave is a free app that helps you track payroll, accounts payable and receivable, employee reimbursements and gas mileage with ease, whether you are in the office or traveling.

4. Manage Paperwork With Scannable by Evernote for iOS Only. There are some documents in the office that you must print and hold onto for various reasons, but you can back everything up immediately so, when the time comes, you can shred papers to avoid becoming the office hoarder.

5. Hashtags for iOS and Android Streamlines Your Social Media Experience. If you need to monitor your company’s social media presence via Twitter, this app will come in handy. If you constantly find yourself toggling too many open tabs, this app will help you organize trending topics for better organization.

With these useful mobile apps and many others, you can increase your productivity and reduce our stress in fairly equal measure in 2016.