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Are Copiers Still Relevant?




14 January 2014

Since we live in the digital age, you may be wondering if copiers are relevant. After all, everyone seems to be sending documents via email or accessing them on the cloud. Don’t banish your copier to the archives along with record players and floppy disks just yet. Consider several key facts about your copier usage as you decide whether to keep it around or not.

1. Do your clients rely on paper?

While almost everyone carries a phone, tablet or other device, you may have clients that prefer paper. Plus, you may need to print proposals, estimates and even employment applications at least occasionally. In these cases you need at least one office copier to ensure things run smoothly every day.

2. Do you have an energy efficient copier?

Gone are the days of monster machines that spike your electric bill. Today’s Xerox machines prioritize energy efficiency. They are also designed and manufactured to be reused or recycled in the future.

3. Does your copier cost a fortune to operate?

If your company is actively looking for ways to cut expenses, your overpriced copier may be the first thing to toss. However, you do have affordable alternatives. Managed print services helps you maximize your copier’s performance while minimizing costs, and that’s a good thing.

4. Do you have the right copier for your needs?

  • You don’t need a mammoth machine your company prints just a few thousand copies a month.
  • If you frequently scan and fax, a single multifunction copier saves space.
  • A copier with ConnectKey technology allows your employees to print from theirsmartphones and tablets rather than being tied to a desktop all day.

These and other unique needs in your company dictate which copier you need, and the right machine can make a huge difference in your opinion of a copier’s relevancy.

As you decide whether or not copiers are still relevant for your company, give us a call. We’ll be happy to analyze your office and offer advice on the best Xerox products for your needs. We’ll partner with you to ensure your copier operates as efficiently and effortlessly as possible.