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How Managed Print Services (MPS) Helps The Environment




09 April 2013

When you to go green in your business, you protect the environment, gain customer respect and save money. Popular eco-friendly changes around your office include replacing incandescent light bulbs with CFL bulbs, turning off computers every night and replacing diesel vehicles with electric ones. But what do you do about your printing needs?

 Every year, the average office worker prints 10,000 pages a year or one every 12 minutes. That’s a lot of paper! You could respond by banning all printing, but nearly every office needs a few essential documents including:

  • Employee manuals
  • Interdepartmental memos
  • Customer invoices
  • Advertising materials

Since you need printers, ink and paper to create these essential documents, it makes sense to print in the most environmentally friendly way possible. That’s where Managed Print Services come in.

Consolidate Printing

Managed Print Services handles and maintains all your devices. They perform upgrades and monitor issues so you don’t have to. You never have to worry about ordering supplies and then storing all that extra inventory. And you can budget for your printing needs throughout the year. With MPS, consolidate your printing to reduce wasteful paper use and unpredictable financial spending.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

MPS decreases your company’s carbon footprint as it reduces your dependence on manufactured printers, paper and ink cartridges. Their efficiency conserves natural resources while meeting your document needs.

Going green in your business is good for the environment, and your customers will appreciate your efforts. Join Managed Print Services in meeting your green goals and enjoying cost savings. With the services MPS provides, see positive changes in your company as you make a positive impact on the planet’s future.