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How On Demand Image Overwrite Increases Security




14 March 2014

If your company prints documents that need to remain confidential or contain classified information, how do you keep them secure? On Demand Image Overwrite on your multifunction Xerox printers offers a securesolution that protects the information you print.

What is On Demand Image Overwrite?

Available on Xerox products, On Demand Image Overwrite gives your System Administrator the ability to erase residual image data that might be stored in your printer’s hard drive. During the procedure, alphanumeric patterns are written over the saved data on the printer’s hard drive. It’s not an automatic process that happens after every print job, so you only need to perform it when you want to protect confidential or classified documents.

Things to Remember

While this process protects the integrity of your company’s document security, keep five facts in mind.

  • Not all multifunction printers have a hard drive, a requirement for the On Demand Image Overwrite feature to work.
  • Consult your machine’s operator’s manual for detailed information about how to complete this process.
  • Be sure to keep the power button turned on until the On Demand Image Overwrite is complete. Otherwise, it may not securely erase all the data.
  • Once you perform an On Demand Image Overwrite, it can’t be undone.
  • Frequently change the administrators password.

Contact us today to learn more about On Demand Image Overwrite and its security features. We can also help you choose the right multipurpose printer with On Demand Image Overwrite for your needs. With it, you ensure the documents you print remain confidential, classified and secure.