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How to Increase Document Security with Xerox’s Connectkey




10 June 2013

Your customers trust you to keep their document secure. That means their personal, confidential, intellectual and copyrighted information remains safe from competitors and identify thieves. With document security in mind, you employ safety measures for the documents you distribute and store in-office, but have you considered ways to keep the documents you scan, print or fax safe. If not, implement Xerox Connectivity as part of your security strategy.

What is ConnectKey?

Brought to you exclusively by Xerox, this state-of-the-art technology protects the multifunction printers your business uses as it:

  • employs the latest McAfee technology while identifying and removing viruses and malware
  • allows only approved codes, files and applications
  • secures your network’s end points and information passed from the printer to external mail servers
  • locks the printer’s configurations to prevent tampering
  • automatically updates software and maintains compliance with security policies
  • sounds a warning alarm when it detects potential threats
  • automatically deletes threats

With these features, you ensure the security of all scanned, printed, faxed and stored documents processed by your multipurpose printers.

How Does ConnectKey Technology Help your Business?

The technology works behind the scenes and allows you to focus on doing your job. You no longer have to worry about security, waste valuable time implementing safety strategies or perform multiple checks to make sure all the documents are secure. Seamless, convenient and instant, you simply press the start button and scan, fax, print or store documents.

Your business can’t afford to be without a security system that protects the integrity of all the documents you process. Implement Xerox technology that’s available from your New Brunswick Office Product Supplier, and maintain your stellar reputation for client confidentiality as you handle all of your business’s printing needs.