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28 December 2015


Keep Your Team Happily On Your Team: 3 Tips that Will Help You Retain Employees

Once you pull together a terrific staff, full of qualified, loyal and hard-working people, you naturally want to do all that you can to hold on to them. Not only is a high turnover rate bad expensive and time-consuming for your human resources hiring staff, but it also sometimes has the power to chip away at your employees’ morale and sense of well-being in the company.

3 Tips That Will Help You Retain Employees
Business Pundit recently reported that the unemployment rate is currently at 5 percent, making it a job seeker’s market, which does create some added tension for many employers. Once you devise and carry out a strong and confident retention strategy, you can rest assured that you can maintain high levels of productivity, quality and employee satisfaction.

Try some of the following 3 tips for increased employee retention:

1. Keep Your Aim High and Hire Selectively. Forbes notes the importance of finding and hiring the right candidates for any position you make available. As you work toward ways to keep your staff satisfied and eager to stick around, make sure they were your top available choice for the position. Even if it means it expanding the hiring window, knowing you haven’t settled for a less qualified candidate makes it easier for you to work hard to prevent them from fielding competitors’ offers.

2. Offer Engaging Professional Development Opportunities. Empower your savvy staff with new skills. The Wall Street Journal suggests offering learning opportunities through tuition reimbursement, software training courses, industry-specific seminars and early instruction for new office equipment and technology. Employees appreciate feeling like you are investing in their future with your company with such gestures.

3. Create and Nurture a Warm, Inclusive and Encouraging Office Culture. Work with your human resources team to find ways to make sure your employees feel valued as regularly as possible. A few ways you can foster an overriding goodwill include offering your staff a safe platform from which they can offer ideas, as well as chances for them to vie for leadership roles on projects that inspire them.

In your own way, you have to work as hard as your employees do, but it is worth it to keep up consistent productivity and an upbeat environment.