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Managed Services Cut Costs and Increase Efficiency




18 August 2013

Are you looking for ways to save money? Does your small or medium-sized business need but can’t afford a technology staff person? Managed Print and IT Services come to your rescue as they help you cut costs and keep your business running efficiently.

Save Money

Employing full-time staff costs money. In addition to paying a salary, you have to pay insurance, worker’s compensation and taxes. According to a CNN report, every employee with a $14 an hour pay rate costs you almost an additional 30% on each dollar. For a $60,000 salaried employee that works out to be an additional $18,000.

Alternatively, Managed Services give you affordable access to IT professionals, efficient processes and better controls. Simply pay a set monthly fee and receive instant and affordable help from the professionals your business needs.

The cost of business interruption in the U.S. alone is estimated at approximately $588 billion a year, according to a new report by Basex, Inc. The study goes on to state that 28% of each knowledge work’s day may be wasted on unneccessary interruptions. When you have outsourced your IT to a professional Managed IT company, this time can be saved, creating a more efficient and preventive work day.

Save money with Managed Print Services too. Rather than maintaining printers, stocking ink or paying someone to repair printers, hire a company to handle your printing needs. This service saves you money while meeting your need for quality documents.

Improve Efficiency

When something goes wrong with your technology, you can’t afford to wait for a repair person. You have customers relying on your website to be up and running at all times. Managed Services provide instant and remote access to IT professionals. They stand ready to assist on a regular basis or as needed so that your business operates efficiently every day.

Managed Print Services also improve your company’s efficiency. Rather than taking valuable time researching which printers your company needs, MPS match printers with your business needs. The service helps to reduce the number and types of devices and supplies your company requires and removes unneccessary steps in your print process. You save time and know the job will always be done right.

In many cases, Managed IT and Print Services make sense for businesses. The on-call, remote IT professionals and printing assistance cut costs and increase efficiency, which is good news for any business owner.