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Print is FAR from Dead!




12 June 2013

Internet ads potentially reach seven billion people since there’s virtually no place on earth that’s untouched by the Internet. Print ads, on the other hand, land in far fewer hands and are rumored to be ineffective, outdated and dead.

That rumor is far from true. Print remains alive and well, and it provides numerous benefits that aren’t found with online advertising options.

Hold Something Tangible

Readers want to hold, touch and handle printed literature that’s tangible. It connects them physically to the company, and it’s difficult to dismiss since it lingers on desks or waiting room tables. Meanwhile, that tangible piece of paper can be read by a number of people as it continues to make an impact that lasts far longer than web pages that receive a single quick glance.

Print Provides Credibility

Printed literature lends credibility to the words on it. After all, someone took time to write, print and distribute it, so it must be legitimate enough to warrant at least a bit of time.

The information found on the Internet, however, may be full of mistakes, lies and dangerous worms, viruses and cookies. Consumers are programmed to take what they read online with a grain of salt and research further before trusting the information they read.

QR Codes Span the Gap

For all the benefits print provides, businesses can’t afford to ignore their online presence. After all, billions of people use the Internet. Instead, businesses wisely embrace the benefits of both print and online media when they place QR codes on every piece of printed literature. That strategy gives smartphone users access to a company’s website or special offer and it allows companies to continue providing tangible and credible material while reaching billions of consumers.

Print is not dead. It’s alive and well. Businesses now have a solution that ensures their information remains firmly in the hands of their target audience while reaching the masses. It’s a good solution that produces results.