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The Converging Worlds of Print and Managed Services




02 August 2013

Companies that offer Managed Print Services, or MPS, know the benefits their customers experience. Those benefits include time and financial savings, improved efficiency and reduced carbon footprint. MPS companies continue doing their job because they want to support and help businesses of all sizes find success.

 Meanwhile, the companies who already offer MPS are realizing the advantages of offering other Managed Services as well. That’s because it’s convenient and cost effective to offer additional services that make their clients’ businesses thrive.

For one, MPS companies already have a customer base, and in many cases, their customers need additional services. Maybe on-call IT support or HR personnel is exactly what the customer’s business needs so that the owner can focus on growing the business rather than fixing the computers.

Additionally, businesses don’t realize how much time and money they could save by using Managed Services offered by the company that already provides them with MPS. Simply taking advantage of trained professionals who are available at a moment’s notice may be exactly what the business needs, however, to reach sales goals. MPS companies know the savings and become a valuable asset as they provide the services that improve a business’s bottom line.

With all the benefits offered by Managed Services, companies who already offer MPS benefit from at least looking into the possibility of offering additional services. There may be bumps on the road while converging Managed Print Services and Managed Services, but every new endeavor includes challenges. Facing those challenges is the mark of a company that’s willing to take risks and reap big rewards as they offer the services that help their clients and businesses thrive.