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The TOP 5 Questions You Should Ask A Potential MPS Provider




17 May 2013

As small and medium-sized businesses grow, they have a tendency to generate a lot of printing.  Without proper management, printing costs can get out of hand.  But with a seemingly unending list of vendors for managed print services, how do you determine which one to contract with?  As you interview MPS firms, consider asking them the following: 

What kind of services did your business provide before managed print services?

A: This answer to this question can be very telling.  It not only gives you some idea about the firm’s experience, but may also give you a sense about the direction the provider wants to take with your account and what kind of infrastructure it has for supporting your business.

Are your managed print services scalable?

A: As your company develops, you’ll want an MPS firm that is able to adapt and grow along with it.  If you open a new location, will this company be able to continue providing excellent service?  Will they contract with you at a better price?

How will you reduce my print expenses and help my business increase profit?

A: The ultimate goal of hiring a managed print services firm is to reduce print expenses.  As such, the company should be able to provide you solid and convincing numbers and strategy to do so.  But further, they could also provide a plan that shows how they can improve employee and office productivity through the services they render.

What brands can you support?

A: It’s almost unimaginable that a company would contract with an MPS provider that doesn’t have the capability of handling that company’s copiers and printers, and yet it happens!  Make sure that the provider provides you with a breakdown of your products and needs and acknowledgement that it can deliver support for all of them.

What special services do you provide?

A: To reduce costs, you may want to take advantage of the full realm of the MPS provider’s services.  Find out what they do other than providing toner and equipment service. Additionally, find out how advance the company’s technologies are; will they be able to keep up with the rapidly involving technology you may incorporate in your business?


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