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What is Managed Print Services?




01 November 2013

Out of all the businesses expenses and overhead costs that exist, printing is seldom thought of. However, printing consumes printer ink and paper supplies, costs that add up at the end of a fiscal year. Even within the digital age, companies still need to print a large percentage of their documents.

Therefore, having the most fiscally responsible way of printing materials for a company can reduce costs.

Our company, Xpert Office Products provides a service called Managed Print Services or MPS. MPS is a consulting service where professionals from our company will analyze the efficiency of a company’s current printing environment. Once the representatives have established how much it costs the company per fiscal quarter or year in printing, the representatives can provide a new model for the business to enact related to printing.

Many of the plans that our MPS that are recommended include integrating the current printing environment to become outsourced to services associated with Xerox or in-house investments from Xerox. The outsourced printing environment helps to reduce worker-based overhead costs. By helping worker productivity from being focused from the printing environment, the workplace environment will become more efficient.

Some of the staple services that are provided include establishing mobile and information technology-based printing, which helps to simplify printing while being mobile or away from a computer. Supplementing that service includes extra information technology security so that a hacker does not penetrate the information technology network of the client. In addition, the associated business may establish a leasing policy for all printing technology. This helps to streamline and simplify investments for printer upgrades instead of having larger costs consistently buying new printers.

Another aspect of these services are consistent monitoring of the efficiency of the printing technology. Typically outsourced toward an associated business, the monitoring is made possible by creating a wireless or cloud computing based printing environment. With this, a professional can monitor how well the printing systems are printing products and can help to fix printing issues remotely. This can even include analyzing to see if new printing technology is needed, if upgrades are necessary to the printers, or if a new printer needs to be leased. There is even an opportunity to see which aspect is more inefficient: the printing technology or human printing behavior. If its human printing behavior, better automation may be recommended.

By working with  MPS from Xpert Office Products, a company can streamline and reduce their costs associated with their printing environment. The client business can increase their worker productivity while their printing is able to be done remotely or automatically while being monitored for efficiency and upgrade issues. In addition, by leasing these printing technology through our services instead of buying the printers, the client business can save extra money. If the business wants to reduce printer costs and increase printer efficiency, seriously consulting with our MPS will be fruitful.