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Bottleless Drinking Water Coolers

Switch to Xpert’s bottleless drinking water solutions for clean, great-tasting water, ice, and sparkling water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water and delivery services.

Wellsys bottleless drinking water system on a grey water splash background
Ask us about our FREE TRIAL OFFER to see why our workplace drinking water solutions are so popular! We’ll install one of our bottleless systems at no cost and no obligation to you.
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What's in your water?

We should talk if you're using any of the following drinking water sources in your workplace.

Bottle Cooler

Water Bottles

Filter Cooler

Tap | Fridge | Fountain

Drinking Water Challenges We Solve

Which ones can you relate to in your workplace?

High/Variable Cost

Ongoing Expense

Lifting & Storage

Heavy and bulky 42lb Jugs

Vendor Problems

Service, Delivery or Billing Issues

Water Purity

Unwanted Contaminants

Unsanitary Cooler

No Cleaning Cycle

Empty Jugs

Need to Reorder

Out of Water

Restocking Hassles

Bad Taste or Smell

Staff Complaints

No Ice Hot or Sparking

Lack of Options

Make the switch to bottleless drinking water

Let's provide your employees, visitors, patients, students and more with healthier drinking water that’s less hassle and less expensive.

Wellsys bottleless drinking water system


Wellsys bottleless drinking water system


Wellsys S4 sparkling bottleless drinking water system


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