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Managed IT and Print Services Provider

What is it?

Put simply, it means IT headaches are a thing of the past. Most importantly, it means you’ve partnered with a trusted business technology advisor whose success is tied to your uptime. We don’t get paid more the more we come see you. In fact, for a fixed monthly fee you know all your technology concerns, from security to data, from desktops and servers to ‘line of business’ applications are all ‘bolted down’ and always accessible.

Why do you need it?

With our Managed IT Services solution you’ll have a dedicated team of network engineers who will be accessible at the click of your mouse and at the end of your phone. As well, your local Xpert Office Products office is available to provide personal onsite service and advice.

How do you get it?

With our Managed IT solutions you get the technology you need in the model you want. With a fully Managed solution all your needs are taken care of for a set fee per user per month.

Live Service Desk:
Secure remote access to network and desktops with on-demand service and training.

Remote Monitoring and Management:
Network, desktop / laptop, security and data back up 24×7×365

Security & Protection
Ongoing antivirus and patch management. Comprehensive security management: perimeter, remote access and end-users.

Online Backup & Storage:
Remote backup of servers, desktops and laptops for business continuity and disaster recovery.

Asset & Lifecycle Management:
Tracking all hardware and software assets including updates, usage and compliance.

Virtual Exchange with advanced email and anti-spam; managed Voice-over-IP; mobile integration of BlackBerry©, iPhone™, Android™ and Microsoft® mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Business Applications:
Vertical line of business application expertise through our Utility Support Products Program; Accounting and customer relationship management.

Network/security assessment, emergency support, onsite maintenance, end-user training.

Hardware & Software:
Full range of hardware and software to meet your network, desktop and security requirements with both on premise and virtual server and desktop options


3 Levels of Support

Proactive IT

Xpert Office Product’s IT consultation and support focuses on your business growth and is a key component to sound IT management. Xpert Office Product’s strategic evaluation and tactical planning provides the flexibility and scalability required to meet market demands and business initiatives. We do this by providing live support 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. If you have an internet connection, we can manage you!
Preventative IT

Benjamin Franklin had it right – “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Getting in front of technology needs before they become a concern is what we do! Xpert Office Product’s remote monitoring anticipates problems before they occur, preventing disruptions to your operations. Want more peace of mind? This monitoring is being done by us and us alone.
Responsive IT

Technology can be a wonderful thing when everything is humming along, but how do you address problems when they do arise? How you react makes all the difference. At Xpert Office Products, our local team will respond quickly to see what the issue is. Working with our help desk and network operation center (NOC) to get your systems back up and functioning makes business sense. Want custom? We tailor our business to yours by offering our services by the hour or pre-paid blocks at a reduced rate…whichever suits you best!

Additional Services