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Office Paper

High quality Xerox paper perfectly paired for your Xerox printer! Or any printer for that matter, Xerox paper is specially designed to reduce paper jams! The tightly knit paper fibers reduces moisture trapped in paper surface, thereby reducing paper curl and jamming!! This clean paper has little to no paper dust enhancing the reliability of your printer. Please reach out to us for your free quote today.

Xerox® Vitality®Office Papers

High quality and digitally optimized, Xerox® Vitality® papers are just what you need to get the job done efficiently…and get it done right.

Whether you’re a professional printer, buying for the whole office, making 500 copies, laser printing at work, or using a desktop printer in your home office, you know you can always expect better results on Xerox® Vitality® paper.

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Xerox® Bold Professional™Office and Bold Digital™Printing Papers

Whether it's used for your bosses weekly report, an important sales pitch, or a slick promotional piece, Xerox® Bold Professional™ office and Bold Digital™ printing papers give you the high-performance paper you need to present all your ideas in the best possible light.

Brighter, whiter, and thicker, Xerox® Bold Professional™ Quality Papers are perfect for important documents like presentations, proposals, and reports, as well as graphs, charts, or images.

And with a variety of coated and uncoated options, Xerox® Bold Digital™ Printing Papers are great for bigger print jobs such as direct mail pieces, annual reports or brochures.

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