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Boost Productivity in Office




28 December 2015

Regardless of your industry and the nature of the work you and your staff do each day in your office, you probably spend time looking for creative new ways to boost productivity at your office. Not only does increased productivity help your company progress within your industry — and increase your profits, as well as pleasing your employer and clients — it also encourages your staff to work to achieve goals at set intervals. These regular benchmarks help employees monitor their accomplishments, helping them to feel their work is more than just a job, notes Entrepreneur.

Introduce New Strategies to Boost Productivity at the Office
While many employees strive to boost productivity on their own, you can introduce some ideas to inspire them to strive for greater success and satisfaction. Consider recommending some of the following ideas at your next staff meeting:

Travel and Productivity Aren’t Mutually Exclusive. Some of your employees may travel frequently while still attending to their regular desk duties. Regular trips to the hotel concierge for document configuration can become time-consuming and a drain on your company’s resources. Employees can prepare everything from their mobile phone or laptop — without interrupting workflow — with the right mobile printing solutions.

Email Clean-Up Makes a Big Difference. Encourage your staff to take a few moments each day when their work load is lightest to organize their email. Lifehack explains how creating folders, deleting old and unnecessary messages, and filtering non-essential correspondence will make it easier to see important new arrivals and take care of them quickly.

Mixing Things Up Often Strikes a Balance. Redundancy can easily lead to boredom, which in turn often leads to lack of productivity. Discuss the idea of mixing up chores that involve long stretches of concentration, such as crunching numbers, with lighter tasks, such as quick responses to emails or returning phone calls.

With the right motivation, support and tools on hand, you and your staff will continually find new ways to boost productivity, benefiting everyone.