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Five Tips That Increase Productivity in the Office




05 February 2014

Time is money, and your business could probably use more of both time and money. That’s why you need to implement five productivity tips. In the office, these tips increase employee output and maximize time management.

1. Declutter and Downsize

Messy desks, break rooms and meeting rooms create distractions and reduce focus. Alternatively, clean your office and put things where they belong to increase productivity.

  • Install shelves and cabinets that organize files, supplies and other items.
  • End the day with a quick five-minute clean up.
  • Exchange large computer monitors and desk phones with compact models.
  • Donate gently used and unwanted items to charity.

2. Turn on the Lights

Natural lighting improves employee health and motivation. While you may be unable to install more windows, you can remove light-restrictive window treatments and strategically place lamps throughout your office.

3. Identify Employee Assets

By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each team worker, a business can boost productivity. That’s because wise managers place employees in positions that accentuate their positive traits. From flexible working hours that accommodate early morning risers and night owls to job description tweaks, numerous adjustments increase productivity of each team member and thus the entire office.

4. Praise Often

Most employees work better when they’re appreciated, so make sure you’re praising your coworkers often and regularly. Recognize everyone who lands a new client, thank the person who collated your documents and look for other ways to show gratitude and appreciation for your coworkers as you increase productivity.

5. Invest in new Technology

Outdated technology may operate slowly, be incompatible with newer models and cause frustrations. New Xerox ConnectKey technology includes remote repair and the Universal Remote Control Panel, which notifies you at your desk when your print job is complete. Update technology today to increase office efficiency.

Your company can easily boost productivity by implementing five tips. Contact us for additional tips and a demo of the Xerox technology that helps each team member work harder, smarter and more efficiently.